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Shop Custom-Sized Bench Covers for Perfect Protection of Your Benches

Experience the luxury and comfort with our exceptional Bench Covers. Expertly crafted from UV and water-resistant fabric, these covers provide reliable protection against the elements. Each cover is tailored to perfection, using our customised measurement box to ensure a flawless fit. With tear and abrasion resistance, you can trust in their durability.

Our outdoor bench covers come in three distinct varieties of polyester fabric, making them suitable for moderate to extreme weather conditions. For a truly unique touch, personalise these covers at an additional cost.

Browse through our bestselling products, which include bench covers in a variety of designs. Elevate your outdoor space with these covers that embody both style and functionality.

Buy Outdoor Bench Covers in Tailored Sizes for Perfect Coverage

The customisation in size is as important as the bench cover itself. You can get the required protection only if the cover fits your bench precisely. Tailor the covers according to your requirement and combine functionality with aesthetics. They are backed by warranty coverage for added assurance.

Fabrics Designed for Weather Protection: The fabrics are available in 3 fabrics-Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff. Both Cover Max and Cover Tuff are expertly crafted using 1000D PVC-coated polyester, providing exceptional durability. Meanwhile, Cover Rite is constructed from 600D 100% solution-dyed polyester with a PU coating on one side for added protection. These fabrics withstand moderate to extreme weather challenges.

Customise the Size of the Covers: Our picnic bench cover is carefully tailored to perfectly fit your benches, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Simply enter your bench's dimensions in our measurement box, and we will create a custom-made product just for you. If you require covers for other furniture pieces, feel free to explore our range of custom covers to find the ideal fit for all your needs.

Protection from Water & UV Radiation: Our covers are specifically engineered to endure various weather conditions, providing excellent protection against unexpected rain showers and accidental spills, effectively keeping your benches dry and shielded. Furthermore, the covers' UV resistance ensures that their vibrant colours remain preserved, guarding against fading and preserving their lively appearance for years to come.

Defence Against Tears & Abrasions: Our dining bench covers offer remarkable resistance against wear and tear, safeguarding the fabric from any damage that could occur over time. Your cushions will be shielded from unsightly scratches, scruffs, and other potential hazards with our tear and abrasion-resistant covers. These protective features also extend to our outdoor furniture covers, providing comprehensive protection for all your furniture needs.

Mildew Protection: Our covers are expertly designed to inhibit the growth of mould and algae, which can degrade the fabric and cause unpleasant odours. Confidently leave your benches unattended without worrying about mould and algae infestation, as our covers provide reliable protection against these issues.

Personalisation Choice: Our personalisation option allows you to imprint a distinctive logo or text on the picnic table cover along with bench covers. This feature enables you to freely choose the font style and colour for personalising your covers. Extends the same personalised design or logo to your chair covers for a synchronized outlook.

Warranty Assurance: We extend warranty coverage on our covers for 2 to 5 years. You can choose the fabric and get corresponding warranty coverage offered with it.

Get Tie-Downs, Grommets, & Airbags at Additional Cost with Weight Bench Covers

Our outdoor bench covers offer a range of customisation options and accessories for your convenience. Choose from grommets available at 6/12/24-inch intervals, ensuring hassle-free installation with rustproof materials, designed to withstand the outdoor elements.

Additionally, our tie-down options cater to various needs, including a drawstring, elastic at the bottom, push clips to secure legs, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and a split zipper. For added waterproofing, we also offer optional airbags, providing an extra layer of protection. While our covers are already waterproof, we acknowledge that seams and grommets might allow some moisture to seep through, making the airbags a valuable solution.

Take advantage of these options to personalise your bench covers in the shades of your choice, ensuring maximum protection for your outdoor furniture. Buy now!

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