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Strong and Stylish Solar Shades to Enrich Your Decor

Tailor-made Solar Shades that Save You from Harmful UV Rays

Your furniture determines your level of comfort and style. However, when you open your shades and windows, UV rays flood into your home and onto your priced possessions, causing long-term damage.

We know you want to protect your valuable furniture from this unwanted damage. Solar shades from Covers & All are the ideal solution to your problem. Choose from a wide range of options like patio blinds, roller shade, cellular shade, and more to serve your purpose.

These shades save from harmful UV rays and provide complete privacy from outsiders.

Custom Solar Shades Made with Temperature Resistant & Waterproof Fabric

These solar shades are made with waterproof and temperature-resistant fabric. The high tensile fabric provides you with a great combination of protection and style. Our lightweight and durable outdoor solar shades are custom-made for your large patio windows and all kinds of shades. They elegantly fit any size or shape.

The solar shades’ offer vibrant colour options to spruce up your space, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor use. These solar shades are customisable and provide the protection you need to keep your guests comfortable throughout the day.

Bespoke Solar Shades with Multiple Colour and All-Weather Fabric Options

Choose from a variety of colour and all-weather fabric options. Get a solar shade that fits your bill by providing us its measurements. We will send you everything you need to install your solar shade right in the box, along with the instruction manual - It’s that simple!

Ordering your solar shade is extremely simple with Covers & All. Simply place your order for your desired shade and get it delivered right to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. 

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