About us

Introduction & Corporate Overview

Design Print Banner LLC was established in the United States with a business focus on helping families, organizations and businesses across all sectors maintain their precious outdoor furniture and equipment in its pristine state.

The harm that atmospheric elements cause to your precious belongings can be appalling, to safeguard your stuff, we provide a broad range of premium quality covers which keep your precious belongings away from corrosive and abrasive elements in the weather.

We know you have a great taste and appreciate aesthetic beauty, that is why our range of custom covers are designed to protect your precious belongings with style. Our covers are made of different colors and combinations that can blend or create an appealing contrast with your interiors.

Do you want to personalize and promote your brand with your cover? No hassles, we can deliver your covers with your custom colors and inscribe your logos on them. With coversandall.com, its goodbye to the elements that degrade the outdoors of your homes and offices, kitchenettes, electronics and industrial equipment.

Corporate History

Our parent company Design Print Banner LLC has been involved in wholesale cover manufacturing and custom fitted upholstery stitching for over a decade. Working with companies across the world, we learned a few important things. Firstly, covers business was mainly driven by low quality covers at low costs secondly, it was the one size fits all approach. Thirdly, for outdoors protection purpose, most covers were still serving only half the purpose as most covers were not UV resistant and leaked water from the stitches.

We saw this as an opportunity and decided to take the challenge to address the issues above. We believe covers being always visible, it should be equally applying as the item its covering and while it serves the purpose of maintenance and protection.

In last few years there has been tremendous progress in technical fabrics and stitching, cutting and printing technology and we were successful in combining all of these to produce custom fit covers with customization and water proof stitching option at competitive prices.

After a tremendous response from our corporate customers, the hospitality industry and the industrial manufacturers, we started thinking towards making this process easy and accessible to end customers. In 2014-15 we started using electronic commerce like amazon to send our products to direct consumer and again we were amazed with the response we got and launched Coversandall.com in 2015.

We continue to invest in technology and human resources to discover better ways to produce better product at good price. We are working on expanding our product portfolio and customer service to provide delightful experience to our customer.

Mission Statement

Provide highest quality custom sized stylishly designed covers to foster protective maintenance of outdoor lifestyle products, using finest materials and latest technology, catering Direct users, OEM manufacturers, hospitality and other Industries.

Current Infrastructure

Currently using state of the art web to ship technology to achieve high productivity at lower cost. Engineering drawings are generated for each order for high accuracy and after review, orders are sent to production. We use European technology for seaming the stitching with waterproof tapes generally used only in heavy industrial applications. To ensure customization print are accurate and long lasting, we use latest UV LED technology to directly print on the material instead of generally uses screen printing. Final stitching is done by one of our almost 50 skilled staff using precision machines. We offer multiple tie down options to keep covers secure.

Our Vision

Made to measure premium covering solutions using latest technology

Core Values

We have carefully created corporate values which enhance our service to our clients and helps us to fulfill our promise to provide the best in class covers which helps our customers cover virtually everything with style. These values serve as the philosophy that guides our conduct, relationships and the type of products we offer our customers. Our core values are:

  • Uncompromising adherence to quality;
  • Integrity and professionalism;
  • Exceptional customer service;
  • Absolute customer satisfaction;
  • Craving for perfection; and
  • Research and development
  • Multiple tie down options to keep covers secure

Environment Policy

At Design Print Banner LLC, Safety Health and Environmental Sustainability is core to our business mission.


Design Print Banner LLC covers are in a class of its own, our unique selling propositions are:

  • All covers are hand-made.
  • Premium looking custom cover designs, and precise shapes.
  • We guarantee the best price/value for each product.
  • Environmentally friendly covers.
  • Personalize your covers for your brand.
  • Optional waterproof stitching using European seam tape technology.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the precise covers that cater to your individual needs and custom requirements. We shall carefully craft your covers to your precise dimension using the best quality materials to give your cover a premium look, feel and a snug fit!

Our Products

We take pride in making covers for virtually everything! Below is a list of covers that we provide:

  • Patio Covers: These are seating covers, dinning set covers, fire pit covers, etc.
  • Grill Covers: Covers for all types of grills, Smokers and Kettles.
  • TV Covers: Covers for Televisions.
  • Sectional Covers: Custom made covers for sectional furnishings.
  • Industrial Covers: Covers for equipment and machinery
  • Miscellaneous Covers: Covers for miscellaneous household equipment and machinery i.e. air conditioners, bicycles, fountain, etc.
  • Custom Covers: Custom made covers on request.

Our Clients

Our customers include families, businesses and organizations in the private and public sectors. They trust our customer-centric services to deliver awesome covers for their needs. Some of our happy customers that trust our brand are:

  • Hyatt group of hotels
  • Alco industries
  • Customer three

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