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Buy Heavy Duty Tarp to Keep Your Possessions in Pristine Condition

Safeguard your outdoor belongings with Covers & All Australia Heavy Duty Tarps. Crafted from weatherproof materials, these tarps excel in durability. Their resilience against tears, rain, UV rays, and other elements makes them the go-to covering solution for equipment, garden beds, pools, construction materials, and more.

Browse our extensive array of top-selling tarps in this category. Our heavy-duty custom - square/rectangle tarp and heavy-duty round shaped tarps selection ensures flawless protection, leaving no room for compromise.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps Ensure All Weather Protection

Our heavy-duty vinyl tarps are available for all weather conditions. Be it moderate weather or inclement weather conditions, these extra heavy duty tarps will keep your valuables in shipshape condition as always.

Weatherproof Fabrics: Experience unbeatable weather protection with our weather-resistant fabrics. Introducing Tarp Tuff, Tarp Max, and Tarp Clear fabrics. Weighing 18 oz, Tarp Tuff shields like a pro against inclement weather conditions. With 1000 denier, PVC coated polyester, it boasts unmatched reliability and durability, ensuring enduring performance that stands the test of time. Tarp Max is made of 1000 denier, PVC coated polyester and Tarp Clear is made of 48 PHR, 20 mil thick, ultra clear PVC.

Custom Sizes: Our large heavy-duty tarps come in custom sizes to cater to all spaces and belongings. Measure your area or possessions and have your tarp customise accordingly.

Personalisation: We also offer an option to personalise these large heavy duty tarp to make them uniquely yours. You can add name, text, logo, picture according to your décor theme. To add vibrant design, you can choose heavy duty white tarp which will act as a clean base for all décor.

Water-Resistant: When your belongings face continuous rain, snow, and more, they require sturdy safeguarding. That's precisely where our waterproof tarps come to the rescue. Crafted with robust materials, these heavy-duty tarps provide ultimate protection, ensuring the utmost safety for your possessions over time. Additionally, they shield your valuables from dust and debris as well.

UV-Proof: Shield your treasured belongings from harsh UV rays with our UV-resistant tarps. Designed with robust and enduring material, our covers stand as an impenetrable barrier against direct sunlight. By safeguarding your possessions from the sun's rays, they are effectively thwart premature fading and harm, guaranteeing prolonged protection.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Our large heavy duty tarps are built to the highest standard, exhibit exceptional resilience to harsh weather conditions, including tears, abrasions, cuts, slits, ruptures, and more. With the capability to preserve your valuables, they guarantee long-term functionality and top-notch performance.

Vivid Hues: Our tarps come in a range of vibrant hues, offering an extensive array of choices for you to select from, including white, grey, blue, black, red, and more.

Get Sturdy Grommets/D-Rings with Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarps

Grommets: Simplify the installation or removal of the tarp with our heavy-duty tarp grommets. Our diverse pre-defined grommet options are conveniently spaced at around 6 inches, 12 inches, and 24 inches, allowing you to make the ideal choice that perfectly aligns with your distinct requirements. Apart from grommets, we also offer D-rings spaced at 12” and 24”.

Webbing: Our heavy-duty custom tarps – Square/Rectangle are available with a webbing option for extra strength. A 1.5-inch webbing is sewn around the tarp’s perimeter.

Warranty Coverage: Tarp Tuff fabric offers a warranty coverage of up to 5 years; Tarp Max offers up to 3 years warranty coverage and Tarp Clear offers up to 1 year.

You can also get these heavy-duty tarps for sale. Explore our website during the festive season to avail discounts/offers. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for best selling tarps now!

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