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Shop for BBQ & Heating Covers to Keep Your Equipment in Impeccable Condition

Imagine you bought a grill previously and found out it has lost its shine, covered with grime, and what not! This is where our BBQ & Heating Covers come to your rescue. The covers are highly protective. They keep sun, dust, debris, rain, and all other elements at bay, ensuring your prized possessions stay in brand new condition.

The outdoor BBQ covers are available in many variants. Here are some of our bestsellers- rectangle fire pit covers- design 4, rectangle fire pit covers- design 1, rectangle fire pit covers- design 2, Built-in BBQ/grill covers, and many more. Available for customisation, these custom BBQ covers can also be personalised with name, text, logo, or picture of your choice.

Get BBQ Covers to Protect Your BBQ from All Weather Conditions

Flaunt your BBQ in style with striking custom BBQ cover. These attractive covers act as a great shielding agent against the elements. They are also available in custom sizes for the perfect fit.

Weatherproof Fabrics: The heavy-duty BBQ covers are made of all-weather fabric for durability and endurance. We offer Cover Max and Cover Rite fabrics for moderate weather and Cover Tuff for inclement weather conditions. Cover Max and Cover Tuff are made of 1000 denier, PVC-coated polyester and Cover Rite is made of 600 denier, 100% solution dyed polyester with one side PU coating.

Tailored Fit: Bid farewell to ill-fitting covers with our customisation feature. Simply provide us with the precise dimensions of your BBQ and heater. We will meticulously craft the custom covers to match those measurements flawlessly, granting you a bespoke fit that leaves no room for dissatisfaction. Have a standard BBQ? We also offer standard size BBQ covers, explore our website to find out more.

Personalised Design: Elevate your décor to a whole new level of allure with our BBQ and heater covers. Imprint your name, family crest, brand logo, or even a cherished picture of your choice onto the cover, transforming it into a truly distinctive and eye-catching masterpiece.

Water-Resistant: Our water-resistant covers are crafted from waterproof fabric. They safeguard your BBQ from rain, snow, and accidental spills. With water posing a significant threat to your belongings, our durable covers offer a formidable defense, ensuring impeccable condition.

UV-Proof: Been kept outdoors in the direct contact of sun can be dangerous to your BBQ. It not only takes its sheen but can also discolour it. Our UV resistant BBQ covers are highly protective and ensure the complete safety of your valuables, adding more life to them.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Our heating covers feature tear and abrasion resistant fabric to withstand rigourous outdoor use. These sturdy covers protect your BBQ and heater from tears, cuts, scratches, slits and rupture, offering a new lease of life.

Mildew Resistant: Protect your BBQ and heater from mildew and mould with our premium mildew-resistant covers. Enjoy the convenience of outdoor storage without worrying about dampness and unpleasant odours. Your equipment stays fresh and ready for use at all times.

Dazzling Colour Palette: Our BBQ and heating covers are available in a wide array of vibrant hues for you to explore. From elegant white and soothing grey to captivating blue, bold black, fiery red, and beyond, find the perfect shade that matches your personal flair.

Shop Heating Covers with Reliable Tie-Down for Added Security

Tie-Down: Our heating cover comes with numderous tiedown options such as an elastic at the bottom, drawstring, etc. The tie-downs allow you to securely fasten the covers, ensuring they stay in place and provide reliable protection against the elements.

Grommets: Apart from tie-downs, we also offer sturdy grommets for easy installation of the cover. The grommets are spaced equally at 6”/12”/and 24”.

Warranty Coverage: We offer warranty coverage of up to 2 years on Cover Rite, 3 years on Cover Max and up to 5 years of warranty coverage on Cover Tuff.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop for BBQ & Heating Covers now and relish your grilling session with your favourite companion.

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