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Shop Resilient Seating Covers in Custom Sizes for Perfect Protection

The outdoor area is your private haven. Experience the delight of freshness with seating that remain spick and span through all the seasons by using our Seating Covers. They are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can get them customised in any size. They come packed with features such as resistance to water, UV rays, tears, and abrasions.

The custom seating covers are available in different polyester variants that are suitable for moderate and extreme weather condition protection. Aside from protection, the covers feature a personalisation option that allows you to imprint a logo or text.

Browse through our bestselling products that include custom chair covers, custom Adirondack chair covers, custom chaise lounge cover, outdoor daybed cover, custom bench cover, custom square ottoman covers, stackable chair covers, etc. in different designs.

Buy Custom Seating Covers to Prevent Damage by Moisture & UV Radiation

The seating covers are enhanced with water and UV resistance that allows your furniture to stay dry and clean during unpredictable rain showers and intense sunlight. While moisture can lead to mildew growth disintegrating the fabric, UV radiation is equally harmful as it can lead to discolouration making the covers look dull and faded.

Weather-Resistant Fabrics: The covers are available in 3 distinct fabrics- Cover Max, Cover Rite, & Cover Tuff. Cover Max & Cover Tuff comprise 1000D, PVC-coated polyester while Cover Rite is made from 600D, 100% solution-dyed polyester with a PU coating on one side. Cover Max & Cover Rite are suitable for moderate weather & Cover Tuff is suited for extreme weather conditions.

Size Customisation: The outdoor seating covers are available in custom sizes. You can manipulate the dimensions by entering them in our measurement box. These custom made covers will be readily shipped to your location in the size of your requirement.

Water & Sun Damage Prevention: Our waterproof seating covers inhibit the permeation of moisture from spills and unpredictable rain showers. Additionally, UV radiation can lead to discolouration of your seating furniture and covers. The covers deflect the UV radiation to ensure colourfastness. This helps to preserve the quality of the fabric.

Tear and Abrasion Protection: The seating covers for patio may be exposed to sharp objects and repetitive surface rubbing. Our tear and abrasion-resistant covers ensure they remain free from scratches, scuffs, marks, rips, ruptures, and frays even when they encounter sharp objects or rub incessantly with the surface. Get the same protective feature for outdoor table covers to shield them from regular wear and tears.

Mildew Protection: If mould and algae are responsible for disintegration of your ordinary covers, we recommend using Cover Rite fabric that is an anti-mildew variant. The PU coating on the fabric repels mildew formation thus protecting the covers from such damage that can cause bacterial infection and foul odour.

Personalisation Offer: We offer you the chance to get personalised seating covers with a logo or design. You can choose your favourite font style and colour to imprint the personalised graphics. Use this for personal pleasure or for branding purposes. You can get the same personalisation for outdoor furniture covers to create a coordinated look for your garden area.

Optional Airbags: Our covers are waterproof but there are seams and grommets that may allows water infiltration. You can use airbags to drift water from the covers at sunken points and keep the moisture at bay completely.

Get Grommets & Tie-Downs with Outdoor Seat Covers

Our custom seating covers are designed to withstand elements of the outdoor. You can customise them further with grommets and tie-down options for a secure fit and stability. Grommets are available at equal intervals of 6/12/24 inches. These rustproof grommets can be used in any environmental conditions.

The tie-down options are given to keep your covers firmly onto the furniture. These include a drawstring, push clips, elastic at the bottom, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and a split zipper for easy accessibility. This would specifically be useful for chair covers that tend to topple during windy weather.

Order our weather-resistant seating covers in custom sizes and add grommets or tie-downs to keep them firmly in place. Shop today for a protected tomorrow!

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