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Shop for Tailor-Made Sports Tarps to Keep Dust & Dirt Away from Sports Fields

Uncovered sports fields are susceptible to damage caused by various elements, but with our Sports Tarps, you can ensure these courts and fields remain dry and functional. Available in customised sizes, these tarps offer reliable protection against unpredictable rain and harmful UV radiation. They are resistant to tears and abrasions, reducing the need for frequent upkeep.

The custom sports tarps are available in Tarp Max and Tarp Tuff fabrics. They are suitable for protecting your valuables from moderate and extreme weather. They come in custom sizes and feature a personalisation option for branding or unique appeal purpose.

Our bestselling products include baseball weighted mound tarps in round/rectangle/square shape, stadium seat covers, and tennis court covers. You can choose any of these heavy-duty tarps for protection.

Buy Custom Sports Tarps to Prevent Moisture & UV Radiation Damage

Get unparalleled protection from harsh weather conditions with our sports tarp. Carefully crafted for the outdoors, these tarps offer a waterproof shield, UV resistance, tear and abrasion resistance, ensuring you remain fully protected from the elements. Equipped with grommets and D-rings, these tarps are built to withstand even the strongest winds.

Modify the Size: The tarps come with the flexibility of manipulating the size to meet your requirements. You can take the help of our measuring guide to understand how to measure your outdoor area for the tarps. Input the dimensions in the measurement box for a customised product. Customise the size of your best-selling tarps for perfect protection.

Weather Protect with Different Fabrics: Our heavy-duty sports tarps are made from Tarp Tuff & Tarp Max fabric. Tarp Max & Tarp Tuff comprise 1000D, PVC-coated polyester. Tarp Max is suited for moderate weather challenges while Tarp Tuff is apt for extreme weather protection.

Personalise the Tarps: You can easily personalise the tarps with a logo or design. Use the font style and colour of your choice for branding or personal purposes.

Waterproof & UV-Resistant: Protecting yourself from the unpredictable weather conditions is a must, especially with the chance of heavy rain or blistering heatwaves. Our waterproof sports tarps act as a reliable barrier, ensuring no moisture sneaks through. Moreover, these tarps are top-notch when it comes to battling damaging UV radiation, keeping them in great shape and maintaining their vibrant look by preventing fading.

Tear & Abrasion Resistance: It's crucial to shield against tears and abrasions, as regular tarps can get done in by sharp objects and friction, causing permanent damage. But no worries, our tarps are specially designed to resist tears and abrasions, ensuring they stay free from scratches, rips, punctures, and fraying. They'll stay in top-notch condition!

Conveniently Portable and Low-Maintenance: Our sports field tarps are built with portability in mind. You can effortlessly move them around from spot to spot without any hassles. The athletic field tarps are durably constructed and come equipped with grommets for easy hauling, even though they may not be featherlight. Plus, they are a breeze to maintain! A simple wipe or cleaning with a mild washing agent will keep them in top shape and ready for action.

Grommets & D-Rings for Easy Installation of Our Heavy-Duty Sports Tarps

When it comes to our sports field tarps, customisation is the name of the game. You can choose between grommets and D-rings based on your preferences and needs. The grommets are conveniently placed on all four corners, with additional options for spacing at intervals of 6, 12, 18, or 24 inches. On the other hand, the D-rings are available at intervals of 12 and 24 inches.

The rustproof grommet construction ensures these tarps can withstand various weather conditions. By using ropes and bungees, you can easily secure the grommets to the fields or anchor them firmly in place. Additionally, the grommets add weight to the tarps, preventing them from toppling over during windy weather.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of baseball field tarps, available in custom sizes, and ensure protection against inclement weather conditions.

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