Ottoman Covers


Ottoman Covers

Even the most sophisticated living room can look drab if the armchair, ottoman or small tables are left to gather dust. If you don’t entertain guests on a regular basis, then the best thing you can do for your living room furniture is to keep it covered. Fortunately, we have a range of ottoman covers, small table covers and other furniture wraps that can keep your décor as fresh and vibrant as if it were new.

Besides offering covers for dining tables and chairs, we also offer a variety of outdoor ottoman covers that are as sturdy as they are attractive. Each is available in several colors, fabrics and designs that can be made to order according to the size and shape of your ottoman. This includes the famous weather resistant fabric, Cover Max which can keep your furniture protected from the harsh elements come rain, or sleet or shine.

Weather and Time Resistant Fabric

Besides being weather resistant, the fabric we use for our covers can keep your furniture dust and scratch free the moment they are slipped on. Each also comes with its own zippered patch which is also made from durable materials to ensure they remain in pristine condition in storage. Just stuff your small table covers and ottoman table covers in them when you have guests and slip them back on when they leave.

This is a great option if you have antique furniture! A scratched and vintage ottoman can give any homeowner a mini heart attack. Keep yours scratch and dust free by covering it with the covers we have in stock at Coversandall.

Not satisfied with the ones we have in stock online? No problem! Just contact us with the size and specifications of your furniture and we will whip up covers that will fit them to a tee. This includes any design or color ideas that you may have. We always deliver what we promise so you will not be disappointed.

Measuring Tables for Covers

To make sure that Coversandall covers fit your table covers and ottoman perfectly begin by measuring the width from arm to arm, followed by measuring the height from the top to the foot, and lastly the depth of the seat from the front to the back. The best way to ensure an easy fitting is by allowing an extra inch to both depth and width of the furniture.

Custom Covers

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