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Tailor-Made Firewood Covers to Match Your Living Space

Custom Firewood Rack Covers That Keep You Dry

Does the thought of having soggy firewood make you feel worried about your firewood during rainy weather? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. All you need are firewood rack covers from Covers & All that are tailor-made to give your firewood maximum protection and keep them dry from rain and bad weather.

Our firewood covers help you always keep firewood dry and ready to use. The snap-crackle-pop sound of firewood burning bright and steady will give you the ultimate satisfaction in any weather and keep you warm.

Tailor-made Waterproof & UV-Resistant Firewood Covers

Your firewood rack deserves a cover that can sustain the harshest of conditions. Our Firewood Covers are made of high-quality waterproof and UV-resistant fabric that lasts for years. You have the option to choose from three categories of fabrics - Cover Max, Cover Fab, and Cover Tuff, which provide maximum protection in any kind of weather.

Cover Max is a mid-weight fabric constructed of PVC-coated 12 oz 1000D polyester and is 100% waterproof and UV-resistant. Cover Fab is made of 600D eco-friendly polyester with a PVB backing, while Cover Tuff is the most robust cover built to withstand extreme weather conditions

Custom Firewood Covers Available in Any Size & Shape

Whether your log stack is large or small, custom sizing options for firewood covers provide a tight, sleek fit that keeps moisture out. Double-stitched seams add strength, so your logs will stay dry season after season, allowing you to keep the fire burning. You can also choose your preferred colour as per your liking.

We offer multiple tie-down options for a robust fit, that provide all-season protection for your firewood rack. You can even add grommets to accommodate size or shape issues. We offer personalisation options such as logos, text, or a monogram to add a personal touch to your firewood cover. 

Custom Covers

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