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Shop Resilient & Tailor-Made BBQ Covers for Fitting Snugly on Your Appliance

BBQ is a tradition in Australia, one that joins families and friends. This important appliance needs protection from outdoor elements and our BBQ Covers are designed for that. They are waterproof and UV resistant making them withstand moderate to extreme weather conditions. They are also resistant to tears and abrasions, making them extremely durable.

The outdoor BBQ covers are made from 3 varieties of polyester. All are designed according to their ability to withstand certain climatic conditions. Aside from protection, you can enhance the beauty by personalising the covers in a choice of your design or logo. The covers can be customised in size to meet specific requirements.

Browse through our bestselling products that include built-in BBQ covers, big egg BBQ covers, custom kettle BBQ covers, and custom griddle covers in different designs.

Buy Outdoor BBQ Cover to Prevent Moisture & Sun Damage on Your Appliance

Your expensive appliance is exposed to dust, dirt, insects, bird droppings, debris, and inclement weather. You need a formidable BBQ cover to ensure the outdoor elements do not dame your appliance. This is where our covers come in with their resistance to water, UV rays, tears, and abrasions. They provide necessary protection while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the environment.

Weatherproof Fabrics: There are three different fabrics: Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff. Cover Max and Cover Tuff are made from 1000D, PVC-coated polyester, while Cover Rite is crafted from 600D, 100% solution-dyed polyester with a PU coating on one side. These fabrics are well-suited for protecting your BBQ from both moderate and extreme weather challenges.

Customise the Size: If you need a custom-sized barbecue covers for your BBQ, we provide the flexibility to get one tailored to your specific requirements. Simply enter your measurements in our measuring box, and we will create a customised product for you. Alternatively, you can opt for standard size bbq covers if you do not require any customisation.

Personalisation Option: Our heavy-duty BBQ covers come with a personalisation option that allows imprinting a logo or text on them. You have the freedom to choose the font style and colour for unique personalised BBQ covers. If you have other custom covers, you can also get the same personalisation to create a cohesive look.

Prevents Moisture & UV Damage: Unexpected rain can drench your appliance and harm their electronic components. Our custom BBQ covers feature waterproofing solution that prevent moisture seepage. They also feature UV resistance that prevent discolouration so as to maintain the visual appeal.

Prevents Tearing & Fraying: Collision with sharp objects or surface rubbing may lead to scratches, tears, rips, ruptures, and frays on ordinary covers. However, our best BBQ covers feature tear and abrasion resistance that prevents such damage and ensures the appliance remains protected for a long time. You get the same protective features in bbq-heating covers

Prevent Mildew Formation: The large BBQ covers in Cover Rite fabric are made with a PU coating that prevents the formation of mildew. The growth of mildew is not only unpleasant to the eye but it can cause health risks due to bacterial infection.

Optional Airbags: While our covers are waterproof, there's always a chance that water may seep through seams or grommets, potentially damaging your appliance. To ensure complete waterproofing, you have the option to purchase airbags at a nominal cost. These airbags uplift sunken points and drain off excess moisture from the covers.

Warranty Assurance: Our patio BBQ covers are backed by a warranty coverage period of up to 2 to 5 years, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the durability of our products.

Several Grommet & Tie-Down Options with Barbecue Covers

We offer you the chance to add grommets and tie-downs to your outdoor BBQ covers. They help with installation and ensure the covers stay locked in place. You can choose the grommet spacing at 6/12/18 inches, and the rustproof feature ensures they withstand outdoor conditions without any negative effects.

We offer various tie-down options, including drawstrings, elastic at the bottom, push clips to secure legs, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and a split zipper.

Order our BBQ covers in tailored sizes for a perfect fit and get the desired protection for your appliance.

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