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UV & Tear-Resistant Custom Oval Pool Cover for All-Round Safety of Your Pools

In seasons, when your pool is not in use, a swimming pool cover becomes a necessity. It helps your pool stay clean, keep it out of reach to pets and children and also reduce water loss from evaporation. Further, a cover also protects your pool water from excessive exposure to sun. Covers & All brings you a one-point solution for all such worries? custom oval pool cover. Robust and durable, the covers are made of premium Cover Rite fabric. The 400 denier breathable knitted material allows sufficient air flow to maintain a healthy pool environment. Weighing 5 oz, the fabric is lightweight and handy. It does not get cuts and slits easily due to its tear and abrasion-resistant property. The covers are highly resistant to the harmful UV rays of the sun, blocking 85% of the rays.

Our Oval Pool Covers are Customisable to Suit Your Needs

With a growing market for unique and distinct products, fixed size covers become inefficient. Therefore, at Covers & All we provide custom-sized oval swimming pool covers. You need to input your desired dimensions in the space provided on our website. We understand that it can be difficult to measure an oval swimming pool. So, we have a measuring guide on the website that will help you take the correct sizes for your pool. Your special tailor-made swimming pool cover will be delivered to your doorstep within a short period of time. Understanding the steps variations in different pools, we offer our covers with no steps, centre steps and left or right steps.

Easy to Use Inground Pool Covers Comes with Grommets and Additional Tool Kit

A swimming pool cover installation is the most difficult part. Failing proper placement, the pool cover does not work efficiently and might result in polluting your pool water. To avoid any future damage, it is essential that you set up the pool cover firmly. To begin with a simple establishment of the covers, we provide sturdy grommets throughout the periphery of the covers. You can use simple ropes, polyester straps or steel springs through the grommets and attach them to ankles around the pool. For your convenient, we provide an additional tool kit containing brass anchor, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, Allen wrench, aluminium tamping tool and installation rod. The kit can be availed with a nominal extra charge along with the covers. Our covers, with a warranty of up to 2 years, let you enjoy your time away from pool in peace.

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