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Shop Elegant Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers in Tailored Sizes

Elevate your space instantly with the vibrant appeal of Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers. These covers are available in custom sizes to ensure a snug fit for your pillows. Lightweight and elegant, they effortlessly uplift the ambiance of your home. Enjoy the benefits of their powerful features, including water, UV rays, mildew, tear, and abrasion resistance, making them reliable companions for the long haul.

Choose from 3 fantastic fabric options: Pillow Rite, Cushion Print and Pillow Plus. Pillow Rite & Cushion Print boasts a durable polyester fabric, while Pillow Plus is crafted from eco-friendly olefin fabric. For a touch of uniqueness, you can also personalise the Pillow Rite fabric. These covers come with a form-fitting insert, enhancing both comfort and style in your outdoor space.

Explore our bestselling products, including custom throw pillows in rectangle, square, and round shapes, as well as various designs like geometric, Ikat, floral, stripes, abstract, and more. With our premium outdoor throw pillow covers, you can effortlessly elevate your outdoor space in style.

Buy Weather-Resistant Throw Pillow Covers for Moisture & UV Protection

Embrace the combination of aesthetics and practicality with our throw pillow covers. These versatile covers not only add an appealing touch to your decor but also shield your pillows from unpredictable rain, excessive UV radiation, scratches, frays, and other potential damage.

Durable Pillow Rite & Cushion Print Fabric: Both fabrics are crafted from 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with a PU coating on one side. They offer exceptional durability. The PU coating not only enhances the covers' flexibility and reduces weight but also provides outstanding resistance against water damage.

Sustainable Pillow Plus Fabric: This eco-friendly Olefin material with a TPU coating exemplifies environmental consciousness. The polyolefin material used is entirely recyclable and adds exceptional flexibility to the fabric, enabling it to be effortlessly moulded into various weaves, patterns, and textures.

Fill Material: The fill material is composed of 15 denier, hollow silicon conjugated fibre, providing a soft and supple texture. The form-fitting cushion insert is designed to enhance both comfort and support, ensuring a delightful seating experience.

Customise for a Tailored Fitting: Our throw pillow covers 20x20 or any other size can be easily acquired. Just use our handy measuring guide available on the website to ensure a perfect fit for your uniquely shaped pillows. Just pop in the measurements into our unit box, and we'll deliver the customised product straight to your doorstep. You can also order throw pillow covers 18x18 for a standard fit.

Sun Protection: The outdoor pillow covers are always getting hit by that intense Aussie sunlight, and you know how the UV radiation can wreak havoc on the vibrant fabric, making it lose its life quickly. But no worries, our UV-resistant covers are specially made to fend off that fading, keeping the colours fresh and vibrant for a good long while.

Water-Resistant: These pillow covers are top-notch at repelling moisture, making them perfect for protecting your pillows from those unpredictable rain showers. While they handle mild rainfall like a champ, they're not built for heavy downpours. They create a solid barrier to keep moisture out, keeping your pillows safe from that pesky mildew growth.

Resistant to Abrasions and Tears: Our covers are built tough to handle occasional surface rubbing, preventing fabric breakdown and deterioration caused by tears and abrasions. You can count on them to withstand the rough and tumble without easily ripping apart or sustaining scratches, ensuring the shine and appearance of your covers remain intact.

Anti-Mildew Fabric: No need to worry about mould or algae ruining your fabric over time. Our covers are smartly engineered to resist such growth, keeping your fabric in pristine condition even if left untouched for long periods.

Personalise for a Unique Appeal: Want a personal touch? With our throw pillow covers 18x18, you get the option to personalise the Pillow Rite fabric. Easily imprint a logo or design on the cover, and the best part is, you can choose the font colour and style that suits your taste.

Warranty Assurance: Our covers come with warranty assurance of 2 to 3 years, depending on the fabric you choose. We've got you covered for a worry-free experience.

Outdoor Pillow Covers come in an Array of Colours with a Convenient Split Zipper

Our throw pillow covers are thoughtfully designed with a split zipper, ensuring easy access and a secure fit for your pillows, safeguarding them from the elements. The zipper also adds to the form-fitting appearance, enhancing the overall appeal.

The Pillow Rite covers are available in calming shades such as beige, sky blue, navy blue, and charcoal grey, while the Pillow Plus patterns offer trendy options like tween navy, navy texture, grey texture, and beige texture. The Cushion Print fabric offers striking patterns that bring vibrancy to your outdoor area.

With this wide range of colours and patterns, you can effortlessly find a perfect match for your outdoor aesthetics, creating a harmonious and inviting environment.

Explore the world of aesthetics and functionality with our durable outdoor throw pillow covers, available in custom sizes. Shop now!

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