Side Burner Cover

Coversandall BurnerCover001 BurnerCover001 Shop online side burner cover and custom side burner covers in any size to protect from water, dirt, dust, and debris. Order now - free shipping over $99!
  • Tailor-Made: Custom fit for precise protection, ideal for varied weather patterns
  • High-Tensile Fabric: Water and UV-resistant, suitable for a fluctuating climate
  • Enhanced Waterproofing: Features double seam stitching on waterproof fabric
  • Climate-Specific Fabrics: Durable, tear-resistant materials, crafted for a range of weather conditions
  • All-Season Protection: Shields against elements like rain, wind, and debris, preventing rust and damage
  • Universal Brand Compatibility: Fits all side burner brands, ensuring a perfect match
  • Warranty: Offers a 3-year warranty for Cover Max, 2-year for Cover Rite, and 5-year for Cover Tuff

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