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Our Jenn Air Grill Covers Keeps Your Outdoor Cooking Space Safe & Clean

Anyone who picks up a BBQ Island kitchen for their patio or backyard is aware that with it comes a worry – how to keep it protected from the wear and tear brought in by the outdoor elements?

Covers & All’s Jenn Air Grill Covers offer a range of long-lasting, waterproof covers including the Standard Grill Covers, L-shaped Island Kitchen Covers, Outdoor Island Kitchen Covers, Kettle Covers, Big Egg Grill Covers, and Built-in Grill Covers to make your cooking experience fun.

Our Jenn Air Grill Covers ensure that your kitchen and grills remain safe from the harsh UV rays, strong winds, sleet, snow, hail, dust and debris. They also keep your outdoor cooking space as good as new for every cookout session.

Multiple Tie-down Options Help Grill Covers Give A Snug Fit To Your Grills

Made with 1000 Denier, PVC coated polyester, our covers remain durable and tear-and- abrasion resistant for long. They have multiple tie-down options including drawstraps, push clips, elastic, and zipper that provide your grills a good, snug fit. This helps keep mold and mildew away from your cooking space.

Whenever you want to remove the covers and put them back on the grills, you can do so in a matter of minutes with the covers’ well-placed handles. If you wish to use only a small part of your kitchen island, all you need to do is uncover that portion with the help of zippers/velcro splits placed at different parts for your convenience. The covers feel like Vinyl and come with a 3-year warranty.

Get Customised Jenn Air Grill Covers By Following A Simple, Four-step Process

All our covers can be customised to your specific needs. Just follow this four-step process – enter measurements, choose the fabric, personalise, and place the order. It’s that simple! This will ensure that your backyard kitchen island gets a well-fitting cover – one made with the fabric and colour of your choice. You can further customise your covers by having your name, initials, logos, text or anything else printed on them.

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