Woman sneezing

If the mere thought of allergy season makes your nose run for the hills, you’re not alone. Winter has just been too darn cold and spring has finally brought the earth back to life in shades of gorgeous green. But along comes allergy season like an uninvited guest at your family’s backyard barbeque, causing quite the sniffle and sneeze, and ruins your spring before it’s even truly sprung. While you can’t stop the wrath of allergy season, you can fight the forces of allergens by prepping your patio with these helpful tips, tricks, and try-its. 


Screen It In

Your patio opens your home to a whole new world of possibility. From spring to summer, the patio is your happy place. It’s a shame to let a multifunctional space go to waste in the name of seasonal allergies. Dander, pollen, and grass stand no chance with the first line of defense afforded by screened-in porches. While not foolproof, a screened-in porch safeguards against allergens that make the season miserable by providing the best of both indoor and outdoor elegance and cover.



Lit with Allergens

Days turn to night and just like that, you light the fire pit and unintentionally exacerbate the already horrid heights of allergy season. By leaving the fire pit uncovered, the allergens resting in your fire pit mix with embers to smoke out the family with concentrated doses of allergy-inducing fog. With a surprisingly simple fix, you can spend more time toasting marshmallows and less time worrying over whether or not pollen has infiltrated your treats. In keeping your fire pit covered between uses, you reduce the pitfalls of exposing it to the allergens that trigger iritibility. Spend more time getting cozy and toasty and less time itching, aching, and sneezing. 



Allergy Season For Patio Furniture


Every spring your chairs, tables, swings, ottomans, and papasans all find themselves dusted in the thick wrath of pollen. It’s the chilling portrait of allergy season: a silent nuisance and sneezy, wheezy hazard all in the same. To prepare and defend your patio, cover the furniture with material tailor made to fit their shape, design, size, and type. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to wash any excess yellow gunk away with a hose. A little water never hurt anybody, and especially not your covered outdoor patio area and furniture. Coverings also do the job 365 days a year, keeping your outdoor backyard patio furniture safe from whatever mother nature may throw their way.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rejoice

Don’t let the prep and stress of allergy season ruin your otherwise gorgeous springtime. Keep in mind how beautiful the world is. Reduce the amount of time you spend preparing your patio. Reuse covers in all seasons to ensure pollen, debris, and dander steer clear of your patio. Recycle these ideas to make your season less about allergies and more about the gorgeous green of springtime. And rejoice in the moments you share with the people you cherish most.