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Coversandall AirBags001 AirBags001 Get easy to inflate and deflate, best quality airbags made of Durable Heavy Duty Fabric to hold upto 30 lbs. No elbow grease needed! https://cdn.coversandall.com.au/catalog/product/cache/7333573a0a443d4028445822ce4d8e0a/a/i/air-bag-5.png
  • High quality airbags to raise low/sunken portion of your outdoor belongings
  • Made from heavy durable fabric, it can hold weight up to 30 lbs
  • Comes in assorted colors as per availability
  • Please note that once air is filled, the air bag's height might expand up to 12 inches and the length/width might reduce by 1-1.5 inches.
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Pairs perfectly with our Covers!

Our Air Bags raise the low or sunken parts of your Outdoor/Patio belongings, creating an arched-shape for the Cover from underneath. In turn, this will help water, snow and other debris run off your covers without any accumulation. It also improves air ventilation inside the cover; to prevent mold and mildew growth - Making clean up super easy & convenient. No elbow grease needed.

Now that's what we call - No muss, no fuss!

Easy to deflate as well - Just turn the valve anti-clockwise. We offer our cupola Air Bags in three sizes - You can pair two sizes of air bags to gain optimum lift depending on the length/width of your tables, sofas etc.