Offset Smoker Covers

Coversandall OffsetCovers001 OffsetCovers001 Order online custom all-weather smoker covers with tear-resistant fabric and easy-access handles in any size and shape. Free shipping over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com.au/catalog/product/cache/7333573a0a443d4028445822ce4d8e0a/o/f/offset-smoker-covers-vector-image.jpg
  • Tailor-made covers for any smoker size/shape.
  • Choose between tie-downs and three durable fabrics in different colors.
  • Personalize your cover with a logo, name, or monogram.
  • Covers offer protection from several ambient conditions.
  • They are tear, mildew, abrasion, UV resistant, and water-repellent.
  • Covers include easy access handles for seamless removal & cleaning.
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All-Weather Smoker Covers For Complete Protection From Every Season

For all meat enthusiasts, a smoker is one of the integral elements of outdoor space. Smokers take outdoor grilling to a whole new level of deliciousness. The smoke penetrates through the meat, locking in the moisture, resulting in juicy and tender pieces of meat. It’s a precious indulgence for every BBQ lover.

Regardless of your charcoal, electric, or offset smoker— keeping it uncovered subjects it to inclement weather. Not anymore, our custom smoker covers can armor your smoker of any size or shape from different ambient conditions, including harsh UV rays, rainwater, moisture, dirt, and mildew.

Our premium fabrics, different colors, and custom-fit tailoring ensure that your smoker grill cover looks nothing less than exquisite. All three of our lightweight, tear & abrasion resistant, waterproof, and UV resistant fabrics provide complete protection from different climatic conditions. A slew of colors helps you create a color-coordinated cover that blends well with your outdoor space.

Removal and Cleaning of Your Smoker Cover Is No Fuss

Apart from the durability and weather resistance, one of the key features of our smoker grill covers is its access handles for seamless removal & cleaning. The access handles, sewed at the sides of the cover, make it easier for you to slip it on and effortlessly remove it when you are ready to grill.

The Added Advantage of Airbags

Even though our all-weather smoker covers are waterproof, adding airbags will further prevent the water from standing or puddling at the corners. Keeping airbags under your cover will drain off all the excess water by creating a tent under your smoker cover.

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